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Our Core Values

Core values are important because they provide the fundamental beliefs of an individual, business or organization. In our Corporation, Sovereign MD Management Inc., our Core values help to clearly identify the internal and underlying competencies that we want to focus on. They are guiding principles that help guide decision making processes and dictate action. These principles should have an active influence on internal employee behaviour and on our external interactions.

At Sovereign MD, our brand reputation is important, therefore our core values centre around and are  influenced by:

Integrity / “The quality of having strong principles, ethics, morals, uprightness, good character.” In our business dealings, integrity mean that we will approach our work with professionalism, trustworthiness, honesty and morality.

Efficiency / “The quality of being hardworking, organized, orderly, competent in performance and the ability to do something and achieve goals with attention to time and resources.” In a day and age of technological development and efficacy, it often seems that efficiency of the actual team of people and the system processes get bogged down in red tape and subpar customer service. At Sovereign MD, efficiency in every aspect of our business dealings is a fundamental belief that we strive to achieve every time.

Excellence / “The quality of being outstanding. Having distinction, superiority, merit, caliber, quality, brilliance.” As a foundational belief, excellence at Sovereign MD means that you can count on us to complete any project we set our minds to with top quality. We do what we say we will do- and with competent collaboration, high value and follow through.

Accuracy / “The quality of being correct or precise; conforming to a standard.” We aim for accuracy in all communication, products and projects, no matter whether it is Sovereign MD brands, clients or other organizations we interact with. Sovereign MD follows best practices to ensure accountability and completeness. Our teams evaluate all relevant factors and actively participate in any planning, strategizing, project delivery or current venture.

Core Fundamentals

Business planning / Business strategy / Human Resources (people management: how one can lead, motivate and inspire employees) / Operations Management (planning, productivity, analysis, improvement, quality assurance & supply chain) / Accounting and Finance (strategic management, implement strategy, finance) / Marketing

Who We Are

At Sovereign MD Management Inc

we understand the core fundamentals and key concepts that are necessary to help a brand develop, launch, maintain and thrive as a business. These interconnected parts depend on one another to ensure the wellbeing and success of this healthcare company.

With a constant, consistent sense of focus, a strong engagement factor within the corporation and continuous, pragmatic innovation based on these fundamentals, we can create services of value. The foundational business management pillars and key disciplines that we aim to follow are:

Business Strategy / Thoughtful and proactive strategies as to how we compete in the health care industry and how we maintain a competitive advantage is paramount. Our teams identify opportunities and are consistently evaluating how we can adapt in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Human Resources / Sovereign MD understands the importance of people management (how one can lead, motivate and inspire employees). Much of an organization’s strength lies in key leadership, a healthy workplace environment, communication and team dynamics. Our culture is fundamental to our business’ success and it plays out mainly in the Human Resources aspect of the Corporation.

Marketing / Delivering a strong value proposition in a changing healthcare climate is important. Some of the core marketing concepts that Sovereign MD makes use of are: product position, targeting, differentiation and implementation of tools and optimization strategies. We understand that we have to consider the needs, wants and demands of the healthcare industry; we have to consider the market offerings and the value and satisfaction offered in our relationships with those we are connected with.

Business Planning / Sovereign MD business planning starts with today and looks forward in time to make calculated, well thought out projections and healthy business models.

Operations Management / There are so many aspects to Operations Management: planning, productivity, analysis, improvement, quality assurance & supply chain. A variety of key components, tools and techniques are used at Sovereign MD Management Inc. in order to manage quality and demand. The goal is to be a well run, successful business that meets our targets with excellence.

Accounting and Finance / Corporate finance requires strategic management in order to implement smart financial planning and ensure proper growth and accountability. The tools and techniques we use at Sovereign MD are always rooted and grounded in our core values. Proper management of the day to day accounting and finances of a business is critical for continued success and to weigh new venture decisions upon.

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